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Computer science, artificial intelligence and the mystery of life

A SCHOOL CALLED “42” This is an interesting school that a friend sent me a link about. The overarching vision, as I understand it, is that because we can’t predict what knowledge or skills will be needed in the near … Continue reading

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Thinking is Good

Thinking is good for you. Some say that computer games and good apps can enhance learning and thinking. I would absolutely have to agree that these are excellent tools that allow people to follow unique knowledge acquisition or skill quests. … Continue reading

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the center for teaching and learning, edgecomb , maine

After a full day of driving from Tinmouth, Vermont, we spent the night about an hour outside of Edgecomb. Edgecomb, Maine is the home of the Center for Teaching and Learning. “The Center for Teaching and Learning, a K-8 independent … Continue reading

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My problem with the problem with adults

The article began with some strong opinions about misbehaving children being removed from schools or classrooms. Throughout my career I have heard the argument that disruptive children destroy learning time for others. This authors argument includes concerns about getting students … Continue reading

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“The Problem With Adults”

As I was getting ready to leave Rutland for Maine, I picked up the paper my brother left open at this page for me. I was not able to visit the classrooms at Tinmouth school, but I did walk over … Continue reading

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Little School by the Side of the Road in Vermont

I was driving with my brother and saw this little public school and just had to get out of the car and get a closer look. They have swings! Tinmouth School Mission Statement: “The goal of the Tinmouth Elementary School … Continue reading

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They drive as if they have nothing to live for

On I 75 heading into Detroit. Wow!! Lotta John Cougar Mellencamp on the radio. Little diddy about Jack and Diane….

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Wild Road on the Life Ahead….

Automated lighted signs along the road in Banff National Forest ¬†announce wildlife ¬†on the road ahead-yet it is empty quiet, in places where years ago the road teemed with antelope, elk, moose, big horned sheep, and bison. “Wolves on the … Continue reading

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Banff   On the road from Banff to Calgary and beyond on the Trans Canadian Highway Calgary Tomorrow night we land in International Falls. I have been going over my notes as we ride. We have been driving like crazy … Continue reading

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glaciers, grizzlies, avalanches, upheaved plains, wildflowers, rivers, lakes, and the moon

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