an SOS school in the Bay Area

I heard of this school through a friend who thought it might be a good place to visit and study a bit. I will be visiting there at the end of the month. I can’t wait. This is an interesting model that seems to be experiencing success in spite of the challenges of creating a school in a busy urban scheme with a large public school system already in place.
The school founder sent us this link to help us get a sense of the work they are doing there. Sharing…..
And I thought it would be good to have a look at Ken Robinson’s popular TED talk about school if you have not seen it yet…



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Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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2 Responses to an SOS school in the Bay Area

  1. Anonymous says:

    Christine are you looking at all schools; preschools, elementary, middle & high school or just elementary grades?


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