where did the dinosaurs go?



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Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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4 Responses to where did the dinosaurs go?

  1. cthebean says:

    have to figure out how to upload that movie


  2. cthebean says:

    unforgettable moments


  3. Sarah Owings says:

    I miss those dinosaurs! Every time I see them I hear Thomas Selden’s growls from the voiceover in our Beginning of Time movie.

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  4. This school just opened in North Carolina. It’s Democratic / Non-violent. (A.S. Neill meets Marshall Rosenberg.) You may be interested in checking out’s it’s mission and photos from the first few weeks of school. http://mosaic-school.org/blog/2013/8/31/what-does-opening-a-democratic-free-school-look-like


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