Gun Control and Gender Based Violence

It’s Sunday morning. Sun shines down upon the city and all feels right in the world. Ah…it isn’t right in the world at all…yet there are sweet moments tinged with promise…

Last night someone asked me what was the best school that I found in my recent journeys. I started to tell her about a public school in Missoula that opens its doors to homeless youth as a welcoming place where very basic food and shelter are provided…and time. Time for boys and girls to shake off shockingly brutal life experiences. Time to heal and to learn to make it in the world without replicating the drug addiction, sex slavery and generalized Dickensian harshness of the lives of their mothers and fathers before them.

Schools that can change the world have to be places where people can feel safe, seen and respected. In essence, the schools provide the space so people can do the work.


An SOS school would be a place that understands this, and that there is no such thing as innate violence in males and no such thing as innate docileness in females. There is just us and we are responsible. We make the world. The real one.

Gun control in the US would not be a bad thing..but we need to examine the recent and not so recent massacre dynamic emerging in all manner of social settings all over the United States and perpetrated by males. I have studied this topic at length, devoting my Master’s thesis in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College to it. There is nothing natural or predisposed in males that is responsible for or causal of violence. Hormones do not cause it. It is socialized. This is going to take far more than gun control legislation to fix.

Give this a read

“Even if all assault riffles were banned and loopholes in gun laws closed, the most normalized forms of violence – including domestic violence, sexual assault, suicide and shootings by legal-abiding gun-owners – would continue. The time has come to not only push for sensible gun-control measures but also for people of all political stripes to ask serious and likely personally challenging questions about the everyday gender socialization of boys and men. For the trouble we face is caused not by monsters, but by the men made from the boys we’ve reared. The true monster is patriarchy and the dehumanization it perpetuates.”

Full article and resources here:

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Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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    I thought it might be interesting to visit this topic in light of the growing “A Billion Rising ” movement (for Gender Equity and Justice) planned for Feb 14. This is a movement that Eve Ensler inspires and leads, and it is an international one. It is a women’s movement but you don’t have to be a woman to join. You just need to believe that women are not property or commodities..nor sanctioned targets for violence -including date rape. There are flash mobs planned in Los Angeles and other events in the city. All you gotta do is dance. Rise up, strike, dance! For half of humanity! Respect Women!


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