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unschool, no school, old school, whole school…..

During the search for SOS* schools, the unfolding social and political drama of public education has been sounding an alarm to all that cannot be ignored… no matter if we unschool, homeschool, no school or old school. No matter where…

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Finland: The Lighthouse of Progressive Education and Divergent Learning

A report back from Finland. The school system described is classic progressive.. ..modeled on the democratic philosophy of Dewey. A model to emulate? Some people think it is not possible here in the US. It kinda reminds me how Jimi … Continue reading

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In Honor of Millennials

         {In Honor of Millennials} I am not a millennial…however my life contains assorted devices and I know how to use them. I am also an educator and have been one for 30 years. I am an … Continue reading

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Mother: My Son Hates School, How Can I Help Him?

This letter from a parent experiencing extreme distress in her family is from Diane Ravitch’s blog this morning. My stomach is in a knot after reading this. So…what kind of advice and support can we all give to families like … Continue reading

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Pushing the Monster Away….the inner life of boys

Read this first in a series of articles taken from my journals and theses, about troubling challenges boys face in this culture… Excerpts from Protectors and Warriors/Lonergan/2003 {Fear is stronger than love…You wanna last? Be the first to blast.} –Tupac … Continue reading

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A Year With the Tribe: A Passionate Teacher Speaks About Teaching Boys

This interview is beyond interesting. I thought you might enjoy the read. It is characterized by the blogger as long , but time flew cause I was having fun. The Calvin and Hobbes comic additions are priceless. Some belly laughs … Continue reading

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An Opt Out Letter for Parents

Pushing back is an important activity that many parents are beginning to realize they must do in order to protect their own children from the abusive and harmful standardized testing movement that has grown to out of control proportions with … Continue reading

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The Practice of Freedom

“Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and … Continue reading

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relish the spirit of childhood longer and play play play play play play

The Progressive Education Network devoted its biannual national conference to play.  The 2013 theme was “Play Hard”. Educators gathered in Los Angeles to share what is being learned about the importance of play to human development… This coming October 2015 … Continue reading

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Look at this! Child Centered School!

so what are the kids studying? what is the social studies aspect of the the theme? the math? language arts? creative arts? science? critical thinking? collaboration? problem solving? BTW what is the floor for? can we figure out how to … Continue reading

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