Robert Shepherd: The Remarkable But True Tale of the Birth of Common Core


This is an overview of how to really play monopoly; implementing a business plan that masquerades as educative excellence….and promises liberty and justice for all.
This is unconscionable, unbridled capitalism, the same capitalism that is committing ecocide- -as we dutifully recycle our plastic bottles………these are  text book publishers gone wild on the backs of teachers and children.

The good people of New York and in some other places are rising up to opt out of testing and to reject all of this…and you should too.

Robert Shepherd: The Remarkable But True Tale of the Birth of Common Core.


About cthebean

Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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2 Responses to Robert Shepherd: The Remarkable But True Tale of the Birth of Common Core

  1. cthebean says:

    Sometimes there is just nothing more that can be said. I hold on to a vision of the future where knowledge is free and schools and universities are centers of a community within a society that values various people’s abilities to take on big questions …and all the clocks work.
    We have much to grapple with and profound work ahead of us.
    Glad to meet you on the road.
    Thanks for connecting.


  2. buddhaauthor says:

    So true, Christine. And the publishers also go wild on our young adults. Some textbooks cost more than the courses they’re for. And ebooks and journals are not a panacea. I’m an editor at a scholarly online journal that’s entirely free, but others are for-profit and will charge young scholars $20 to read a single article. Where does that $20 go? I can tell you it’s not to the authors or editors. They all do it free, for knowledge’s sake. It doesn’t even pay for paper anymore. $20 for an online article. Meanwhile, the clocks don’t work in my classrooms in the once proud California State University system.


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