Header photo:   Truman Capote and Harper Lee’s shared backyard  

Boo Radley's House

Boo Radley’s House

You know what would really be great…just to begin with? If schools, cities, towns and countries set aside  more outside areas especially for young people.

Play space. Adventure room. Dreamscaping.

Actually…It is good for all people….and as a matter of fact if we don’t get it we become rather tense and driven.

And possibly extinct.

Stop all this regulating and managing and telling us what we need to create within confined and sanitized walls …It is so limiting and suffocating.

We are approaching a future that requires wild imaginings, new ideas, flexible brains, shared vision and risk taking.

Are you ready for that? If not..step out of the way.


About cthebean

Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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7 Responses to Dreamscaping

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    To Kill a Mockingbird probably helped change the course of my life. I read “In Cold Blood” but it was a long time ago. Open, public spaces are always needed, especially in urban areas. Thank you for the reminder.


    • cthebean says:

      Yes. That book changed me as well.

      I don’t even know how to write about my visit to their hometown- the way it felt-what was evoked.

      The freedom they had to muck about and to imagine … That resonated.
      Outdoor space to run like the wind is … Magic.

      Thanks for commenting Jeff.


    • cthebean says:

      Yes..it has been a very long time since I read In Cold Blood. All I remember is that one of the killers was addicted to Aspirin…and how strange that seemed.


  2. carolahand says:

    Eloquently-said, Christine, and so true!


  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    If only that backyard could talk…:-)


    • cthebean says:

      i know huh? It was triple wild to be there and think about that. I stayed so quiet..hoping to drink some in I guess..

      well we do have her book describing heavy duty childhood stuff with Dill (a character actually inspired by the young Truman)


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