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Professor: How NCTQ Restricts My Reading List-These are Dark Times Indeed

A professor at a prestigious university writes of her experience with control and supervision of what she assigns her students in education to read….and how there is a growing national mandated curriculum even in academia…. “I was immune. I was … Continue reading

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Why Are Teachers Leaving?

Employment prospects can be grim, and salaries bare bones. It has been more or less obvious that the profession is under fire in the public sector with teacher evaluations being tied to how well students score on standardized tests, with … Continue reading

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Hey You Are the Boss of All That Stuff

You Are the Boss. Finding your voice is probably the most important thing you can ever do. Ever. I passed by theĀ old Pacific Oaks campus on my way to the pool this morning. I remembered walking the walk on graduation … Continue reading

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Finnish Lessons from Pasi Sahlberg

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Standardized tests and report cards are old school

“Let’s be clear. There is not one way to measure learning. As Rog Lucido pointed out here a while ago, student learning can only be described, not truly measured.”-Anthony Cody I like to use broad based checklists (informed by an … Continue reading

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