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TIME Magazine Attacks America’s Teachers: Write a Letter to TIME

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
TIME Magazine has a cover story called “Rotten Apples,” in which it falsely asserts (on the cover) that “It’s Nearly Impossible to Fire a Bad Teacher. Some Tech Millionaires May Have Found a…

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the story of how luke was not really “okay”

It is not “natural” for males to be fierce or cruel. They are socialized to exhibit fierceness and imperviousness to pain. It is natural to be vulnerable, caring and compassionate, and when we welcome who they are, we begin the…

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……. A letter to parents from awhile back, about Halloween Images……… Halloween is upon us, as are all the images, sounds and feelings that walk hand in hand with this tradition.  Halloween gives us a chance to examine our fears, and it allows…

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Education Revolution

“We have moved from a world where your community was about where you lived, where you grew up, whom your ancestors were and are. Community now is morphing into something that is much more global, much more boundary crossing, and … Continue reading

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Evil Smart Phones

….for me it is a matter of how we use the technology and being careful to notice when we are feeling uncomfortable and/or feel we might be being used, mesmerized by or becoming addicted to IT. IT. Incessant Technology. Kids … Continue reading

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