Evil Smart Phones

….for me it is a matter of how we use the technology and being careful to notice when we are feeling uncomfortable and/or feel we might be being used, mesmerized by or becoming addicted to IT. IT. Incessant Technology.

Kids need guidance from us..and modeling. Gaming while we wait for dinner perhaps… but not during …
Do you pick up your child from school with your smartphone on your ear..or do you put it away… turn it off and really look at them in greeting…?

The argument that we have to allow kids full access or they won’t be ready to fit in socially, academically or skill wise doesn’t fly. Young people don’t need unfettered access to become adept. It doesn’t take long at all.

It is more important they get lots of practice with (non screen) thinking… thinking about solutions to challenges, working collaboratively when needed, analyzing facts, data or themes… that they are able to be creative, courageous and flexible in the way they approach a problem. It is also extremely important that they have time to dream, play, or think about absolutely nothing for a spell.

Brain development matters and we know that info that enters the brain, through the eye only, does not build neural pathways in the brain like touching, moving, smelling, or interacting with objects does.

Jane Healey and some others published some compelling research in the 90’s about that. Perhaps their findings got lost in the hum and click of industry and iphone madness…

“Like a sculptor, the child’s experience prunes away unneeded — or unused — synapses, while strengthening those patterns of connections that are repeatedly used. Thus habits of the mind may become, quite literally, structures of the brain.” Jane M. Healy – Endangered Minds


Also..there is very little nuance or detail…feeling tone..in text messages, video games, emails or even facetime or skyping. Observation of and finding meaning in nuance is important. Face to face should happen often.

Especially in the younger years, it seems essential that people get lots of first hand experience interacting with the world.

I , personally, would not ban technology but I would not put focused importance on it either. As a matter of fact, banning will more than likely put a premium on it… like what happens with sweets and dessert type things.

First hand experience…outdoor time..books and imagination time can be sprinkled with technology to taste…like salt…

Use it with wisdom.




About cthebean

Educator, musician, social justice activist...and now a blogger. Children deserve unflinching support from adults.....they deserve nothing less. All kids . Everybody's kids. Everywhere.
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