Children Speak About How Spanking Feels To Them

The spanking debate continues and it is good that this is being talked about. It is hard for some to come to grips with the fact that spanking children is legal in all fifty states and that most people feel spanking is an acceptable form of discipline.
It is also difficult for people who spank to consider that it could be harmful to their children now and in the future. Spanking has been accepted as a viable, if somewhat unpleasant strategy for generations.

This piece has been widely read, but some of the thinking of readers has not been. I thought I would share a reader’s comment that expresses a viewpoint held by many people on the subject of spanking.
“I was spanked as a child but I honestly think it helped. It was only until I was old enough to enter school before I had enough cognitive function to understand cause and effect. My parents would tell me not to do something (such as sliding down the stairs on a pillow is one I vividly remember) my mother told me several times that I could get hurt if I continued and that I was being quite disruptive, when I repeatedly ignored her she finally got fed up and got my dad. They then both brought me into the living room and sat me down and explained the reason for why they were going to spank me. After they had they sat me up and made sure I understood why I have to listen to them (they would be very sad if anything happened to me and never wanted to see me hurt). They used it as a learning tool and because of this I have always been a more reasonable child. I never distrusted them and they always explained why things were they way they were and answered all of my questions.
I really believe that when used and explained properly to the child, spanking can be a very effective teaching tool. When I got older (I think from age 6 and up) my parents then used different methods of punishment to teach these lessons because then I was able to understand them. Spanking should only be used for small disruptive children who won’t be able to understand other forms of punishment.”

Read on to original post to find out what children have to say about how spanking makes them feel….


There has been much swirling debate in social media about spanking…whether or not it is okay to do it, if it makes good parenting sense, if good parents do it…and today I learned that there are get-along shirts that encapsulate upset and arguing or fighting children into a large shirt against their will as punishment.

It is truly difficult to take care of children, and many of us fall back on the parenting strategies we learned from our parents….even when or if that feels very wrong to us….because we are frustrated, have run out of ideas and we go for what we know from embedded memory.

This is an international question. As early as the 1920’s the international community  saw a need to address the treatment of children all over the world.

The UN Rights of the Child (full text here)

was born because people understood children…

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