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A Year With the Tribe: A Passionate Teacher Speaks About Teaching Boys

This interview is beyond interesting. I thought you might enjoy the read. It is characterized by the blogger as long , but time flew cause I was having fun. The Calvin and Hobbes comic additions are priceless. Some belly laughs … Continue reading

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relish the spirit of childhood longer and play play play play play play

The Progressive Education Network devoted its biannual national conference to play.  The 2013 theme was “Play Hard”. Educators gathered in Los Angeles to share what is being learned about the importance of play to human development… This coming October 2015 … Continue reading

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What is school for?

This page has been updated with an incredibly relevant and related TED video. Watch this video please…we are being asked my favorite important question…What is school for? once again, in a different medium. Please share your thoughts, feelings, hopes, frustrations. Your … Continue reading

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In Search of Community…

Six weeks on the road is behind me.  In those weeks I saw tear jerking beauty as well as devastating ugliness. I met all kinds of sizes, shapes, ages and flavors of people. I visited schools. I talked with educators. … Continue reading

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Safe, Seen and Respected

Schools that can change the world have to be places where people can feel safe, seen and respected. In essence, the schools provide the space so people can do the work. Teachers nurture, facilitate, guide, challenge and support the work. … Continue reading

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Gun Control and Gender Based Violence

It’s Sunday morning. Sun shines down upon the city and all feels right in the world. Ah…it isn’t right in the world at all…yet there are sweet moments tinged with promise… Last night someone asked me what was the best … Continue reading

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The Highlander Folk School

This is an aspect of the history of the civil rights movement that is not generally taught in schools…though there are some groundbreaking exceptions..this article is referring to Martin Luther King. The Highlander Folk School was a school that supported … Continue reading

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Merging Theory , Practice and Scholarship at Bank Street

“For nearly a century, Bank Street has filled an essential niche in the world of education by fulfilling four distinctive yet mutually interdependent functions. These are: Creating constructive environments for children. Look no further than to the ongoing excellence of … Continue reading

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Inside Bank Street School NYC

“Mission The mission of Bank Street College is to improve the education of children and their teachers by applying to the educational process all available knowledge about learning and growth, and by connecting teaching and learning meaningfully to the outside … Continue reading

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Computer science, artificial intelligence and the mystery of life

A SCHOOL CALLED “42” This is an interesting school that a friend sent me a link about. The overarching vision, as I understand it, is that because we can’t predict what knowledge or skills will be needed in the near … Continue reading

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