the peace area

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The idea of a peace area is spreading beyond and out into public and other settings for young people….

I would like to think we started something good for kids……..I have been a presenter at assorted educator conferences on this subject and a class bill of rights, since the late 1990’s….















an article from Echo Parenting here:


Spanking and other forms of violence

Like shaming, threatening and manipulating….

This article describes moments I have experienced in a public place…where a child is being so mistreated that I feel I just have to speak up for the child.

Sometimes the opportunity is missed because I am getting myself ready to intervene in a way that can help the kid…not escalate the abusive adult behavior.

I like some of the talking points suggested by this author, and I bet her book is worth checking out as well…


Please share your thoughts-comments are welcome

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