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Caged no more

Celebrate that she was here and that we are here now Good morning Sisters and Brothers. Thanks Jeff Caged no more. Advertisements

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Spanking and the Size of the Scar

I heard today from a reader who feels that the anti-spanking contingent (hysteria) is marginalizing and eclipsing the horrors of the sexual abuse of children or “real abuse” of children. I have heard this argument before…and it brings to mind … Continue reading

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Why Not Do It Differently? A New Organisational Recipe for Schools

This is a blogger who often challenges the status quo. I like the comical attitude taken in this piece, on a very serious matter…. The stodgy top down institutionalized  organizational pattern  for schools is no longer viable, current, or relevant … Continue reading

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In Search of Cash That Can Bloat My Monopoly

Originally posted on deutsch29:
At the American Enterprise Institute in March 2014, billionaire Bill Gates explained why the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are necessary above and beyond individual state standards that might be better: You get more free market…

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On East High

Originally posted on urbanesl:
I walked outside to sit in the sun during my lunch yesterday. I needed a break from giving the NYS test that measures the progress of non-English speaking students. There are no benches in front of…

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Democracy in the Garden? Quick thoughts..

It is tricky for educators and parents (adults) to find effective ways  to facilitate compassionate, democratic school classroom communities. Facilitate means guide. Guide. Not dictate. Not exert “power over” but instead practice “power with”. And what’s the point? Why do … Continue reading

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the best school

the best school.

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A School Bill of Rights…and how to get started

highlander school rocking chair circle Taken from a letter from me to an educator in Chile who is going to be courageous and let the students have a voice and run things… “….Well it can be complicated, but as a start;…

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The sequel and the damage done

This writer continues to bring me to my knees. This is the most artful and evocative piece I have read about the common core and how it weaves into our daily lives insidiously as part of  a new and very … Continue reading

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Header photo:   Truman Capote and Harper Lee’s shared backyard   You know what would really be great…just to begin with? If schools, cities, towns and countries set aside  more outside areas especially for young people. Play space. Adventure room. … Continue reading

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